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As this has evolved over the last several years, and with coverage levels increasing, WaterAid Timor-Leste WATL has recognised the pressing challenge of maintaining service levels in those communities who have gained first time access to water supply. As of steady progress is being made and it has been determined that the MDG for water supply will be met. Although this paints a positive picture with steadily rising coverage, there is a high frequency of system breakdowns, non-functionality and the performance of the community management entities Grupos Manajamento Facilidade or GMFs is particularly of concern as has been documented consistently in recent years. In conjunction with the government ministry and other sector stakeholders, WATL is now in the process of developing a strategy to focus on sustainability and long-term service delivery development and this is what I went to Timor Leste to help them with. A changing mindset — everyone recognises the problem and speaks the same language about the solution In my short time in the country I was struck by several important insights. For a start, with all its problems Timor Leste feels like a place that is on the up and up and a country on the move. With oil revenue coming on stream and a mini-boom in the private sector albeit focussed on the bubble that is Dili one can feel the wheels turning and this will spread inexorably outwards to the more rural areas. With the oil revenues comes the potential for significant public expenditure to support long-term service provision amongst other things of course. The second thing that struck me was that the whole of the water sector, from top to bottom, has turned the corner and there is a collective realisation that the end game is not to think of meeting MDG coverage targets, but to deliver sound and durable services. From senior ministry staff at Public Works, to the big Australian aid programme — BESIK — and most importantly to the district level deconcentrated water and sanitation staff, local government and local NGO partners, everyone more or less gets it; everyone talks the same language and everyone realises that there is no going back to the same old business as usual of simply building more systems, ticking a box and then coming back three or four years later to rebuild them again.

East Timor

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Apr 03,  · Should an introduction also include some sage lesson about cross-cultural dating, or a reflection on what a relationship means for my decision to stay in Timor-Leste? Or maybe I should just write what I want to without over-thinking it.

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Foreigners may be targeted for robbery because of their perceived wealth. Gang-related violence can occur, and in the past has included stone throwing at vehicles. New Zealanders in Timor-Leste should exercise a high degree of personal security awareness at all times, and pay close attention to personal belongings. Sexual harassment of foreigners occurs, predominantly against women.

We advise against travelling alone at night and to isolated areas for security reasons.

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At the moment everyone is getting cranky as the heat is building without respite. As the sun sets along the beach front in Dili people gather to swim and fish. This is an extremely exciting new project for Blue Ventures, using our award winning expedition tourism model to drive grassroots marine conservation action in this incredible biodiversity hotspot. After three days of meetings in the heat of Dili including enjoying an impressive 6.

The Wetar Strait is also world famous as a whale and dolphin hotspot so I had my camera poised as we slid out across the glass smooth waters. Over four days on Atauro we trekked overland from east to west coast, took a local longtail boat around the north end of the island seeing spinner dolphins Stenella longirostris passing by just metres from the bow and had many hours of talks with enthusiastic partners in the villages of Beloi, Adara and Uaro-ana amongst others.

The challenges facing local fishing communities in Atauro are similar to other areas where we work, but the overall the feeling of collaboration and potential for our volunteer programme to make an impact here is cause for great optimism. The dolphins even joined the boat for a few minutes bow-riding — including a mother and calf — magic! Back in Dili another four days of meetings await as we gradually build our new base in Timor-Leste.

If you like the idea of spending weeks in paradise contributing to a world class conservation project you can find out more and get involved here.

Timor-Leste: A return to belligerent democracy?

The Timor Trough — two separate shelves In , not long after the formation of the unprecedented national unity government between Timor-Leste’s two largest parties, CNRT and Fretilin, senior CNRT Minister Agio Pereira commented on the country’s remarkable transition from ‘ belligerent democracy ‘ to a new era of consensus democracy. In March , when the two major parties both supported the Fretilin candidate Francisco ‘Lu Olo’ Guterres for the presidency, it appeared that this informal ‘grand coalition’ relationship would continue.

Yet three months after the July parliamentary elections, Timor-Leste is on the precipice of a return to belligerent democracy.

The maritime boundary between Timor-Leste and Australia has been the subject of a long-running dispute, dating back to a agreement between Indonesia and Australia that placed the line much closer to Timor, rather than on the median point between the two coasts.

Last week, an Italian delegate held a business forum in Jakarta. Delegates from Denmark and Norway had talks earlier. At present, Portuguese firms focus more on other regions, such as Europe, Africa and South America, and invest heavily in countries like Angola, Mozambique and Brazil, Lemos added. The two countries restored ties in after East Timor gained independence through a referendum in the same year.

Apart from boosting trade, Portuguese firms are keen to invest in Indonesia in the future as the fast-growing economy offered myriad opportunities in vast areas, particularly in infrastructure, Lemos said. Teaming up with Portuguese counterparts, Indonesian firms could also go overseas in places where a foothold had already been established by the former, Lemos added. Indonesian Ambassador to Portugal Albert Matondang, meanwhile, said the current financial crisis in Europe, including in Portugal, could serve as a cue for businesspeople from both countries, which traditionally largely focused on neighboring countries and regions, to step up commercial ties.


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A New Era? Timor-Leste After the UN 42 military crisis of have posed difficulties for drafting a national history curriculum, with some areas still considered politically difficult or ‘too hot to.

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It is argued that currently Timor-Leste is still experiencing a lack of capable human resources to enable the country to effectively take part in at least the 1, or more Asean meetings that are held each year. They further argued that economically Timor-Leste is not ready to compete both regionally and internationally, hence preparations are needed prior to the ascension.

The assumption is that any hasty decision to welcome Timor-Leste into Asean will further burden the organisation which is being overwhelmed by problems faced by some of its members, in particular Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Like any organisation, the acceptance of any member has to be approved by all member countries.

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Namun karena propaganda dan campur tangan Negara-negara barat yang memiliki kepentingan, akhirnya pada tahun keluar referendum untuk merdeka dan secara resmi pada tahun terbentuklah Negara baru Republik Demokratik Timor Leste. Akhir pekan panjang kali ini, bingung mau ngapain. Hampir Semua tempat di Pulau Timor, khususnya kota Kupang sudah kami jelajahi.

Sayang rasanya jika menyianyiakan kesempatan di negeri timur Indonesia ini. Hehehe, padahal dulunya milik Indonesia. Ini di Hitung Jalan-jalan keluar negeri Nggak sih? Jadi tidak terlalu pusing apalagi khawatir untuk melakukan perjalan ke Dili, Timor Leste. Yang perlu kita siapkan ya Passport dan identitas lainnya, Uang tentunya jangan lupa, bekal dan pakaian yang cukup. Satu lagi, jangan lupa untuk membawa kamera. Karena pemandangan selama Perjalanan ke Dili akan melalui rute yang Indah.

Kami berangkat dari Kupang pagi-pagi sekali, pukul Untuk Tiket sekali jalan dari Kupang ke Dili dipatok Rp. Selanjutnya dari Kantor Pusat, kami berangkat menjemput sebagian penumpang lainnya dijalan yang jalannya searah. Timor Travel Agen Pukul

Welcome to Timor-Leste!

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East Timor January 1 Introduction East Timor’s financial system is essentially centred around banking and currency exchange activities. Bank Mandiri Persero Tbk. Only one of the eight main financial institutions operating in East Timor is originally Timorese, which serves as a good example of the melting pot of cultures found in the Timorese territory. In addition to traditional Timorese customs, the Portuguese, Indonesian and United Nations legal systems continue to influence modern Timorese law.

On a final note, we believe that certain recent developments in the Timorese law, such as the enactment of Law no. The Timorese financial system is slowly growing, but much remains to be done.

Timor-Leste’s economic freedom score is , making its economy the th freest in the Index. Its overall score has increased by points, with significantly higher scores for the tax.

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Embracing the Women and Children of Timor-Leste – P1/2

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